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Zawia Trading & Electronics Profile:
Zawia Trading & Electronics
was incorporated in 2000. Zawia Trading and Electronics main activity focuses on the Yemeni Market importing electronics, home appliance, and the selling of these goods through our spread branches in Yemen provinces and wholsalers in all Yemen to provides our customers with professional after sales services centers.

Zawia Trading & Electronics is the sole agent for SIEMENS Home Appliances, Bosch Home appliances, Ufesa and FRESH.

Zawia Trading & Electronics Philosophy:
    - Offering a high value for the customers "value for many".
    - Offering training courses and best working ambience for the employees, and our wholesalers.
    - Providing our customers with High quality after sales services that represent the brands we sell.

Zawia Trading & Electronics Activity:
    - Electrical home appliances.

Zawia Trading & Electronics Mission:
    - Offering high quality Home appliances & Electrical Home appliances products at competitive prices.
    - Offering high Quality after sales services and working on representing major international companies which work in this Home appliances.
    - Owning a particular brand for the company in which the company can provide the high quality products to reached all customers by its reputation and publicity to get an international caliber of similar products.
    - Simultaneously, establishing a distinguished company which occupies the top class among major working companies in home appliances.

Zawia Trading & Electronics Awards:
    - Outstanding Business Growth (2008) - Budget Yemen
    - Special Achievement (2010) - Budget Yemen

Competition Advantage:
Offering a distinguished commercial products and after sales services. In this way, our young establishment has grown and flourished contributing to the accelerating development in the life pattern of the Yemeni family and is still today continuing to play this pioneer role.
Today, the company occupies a dominate position in the sector of house appliances, electronics and household utensils through its distributors spread in most Yemen regions.

Zawia Trading & Electronics Branches:
    - Al- Zubairy Street Showroom
    - Al- Dairey Street Showroom